• APF – Precisely ground insert, suitable for high quality 90 degree side milling and step milling
  • APM – Optimized edge design improves interpolation milling performance and greatly increases mould cavity machining efficiency.
  • ALH – Precisely ground insert, more suitable for high quality side milling and step milling in Aluminum alloy.


  • YB9020, new PVD grade, with unique atom rearrangement technique, achieves integration of coating hardness, toughness and thermal stability.
  • Optimized structure design greatly improves surface quality of workpiece while enhancing interpolating machining performance.
  • Greatly enhanced overall strength of insert for outstanding chipping resistance
  • Unique after coating treatment for smoother surface
  • High strength edge design, in combination with double after treatment technique, gives superior impact resistance, able to bear higher feed.


Comprehensively improve mould cavity machining efficiency

  • Machine : Vertical machining center
  • Tool diameter : Ø 20mm
  • Machining style : mould cavity machining
  • Insert specification : APKT160408-APM
  • Insert grade : YB9020
  • Workpiece material : P20 (HRC33-36)
  • Cutting data : Vc-150m/min, f=0.2mm/z ae=3mm, ap=0.4mm

Result: Optimized structure in combination with new “golden drill” coating technique makes ZCCCT products
more suitable for mold cavity machining, with tool life longer than similar products of company A by 150% at
the same cutting data and by 200% after adjustment of cutting data.

Greatly improved quality of square shoulder milling

  • Workpiece : turbine blade
  • Machine : machining center
  • Material : 1Gr10NiW2VNBN-5
  • Machining style : Suqare milling
  • Cooling style : internal coolant
  • Precision requirement : bright surface, long life, no edge breakage
  • Tool : APKT11T308-APF/YB9020
  • Cutting data : Vc=150m/min, fz=0.15mm/z ap=3mm

Result: ZCCCT products with APF geometry and precision grinding technique can obtain superior quality surface and is more suitable for 90 degree side milling.

Greatly improved insert life

  • Machine : machining center
  • sprial counterboring
  • Tool diameter : Ø 25mm
  • Insert specification: APKT11T312-APM
  • Insert grade : YB9020
  • Workpiece material : die steel (HRC37)
  • Cutting data : Vc=160mm/min fz=0.2mm/z ap=5mm