Golden Diamond YB9320

Unique atomic rearrangement technology for perfect integration of coating hardness, toughness and thermal stability.


  • By adopting atomic rearrangement technology, long range orderly arrangement of different coating materials are achieved with perfect matching of hardness and toughness, effectively solving the problem of high temperature instability of multilayer coating interface, improving the high temperature performance of coating.
  • Nano multilayer coating with high toughness matrix and TiAlN substrate, unique ion etching technology, strengthening the edge, improving bonding strength between coating and substrate
  • Advanced surface treatment technology, optimized stress distribution, superior comprehensive performance


Transmission high resolution images


It is a general purpose insert, suitable for turning and milling of a variety of materials. It also can be widely applied in automotive, aerospace, mold, ship, IT, rail transport, engineering machinery, general machinery industry etc and semi-finishing and finish machining of small parts such as small valves, pipe joint, decoration, etc.


Case 1

  • Workpiece : flange
  • Workpiece material : stainless steel 316 (HRC30)
  • Machining style: external turning and end face turning
  • Machine: CNC machine
  • Insert: YB9320/CNMG120408-ADF
  • Cutting data: Vc=160m/min, f=0.2mm/r, ap=1mm



Case 2

  • Workpiece material : NAK80
  • Material hardness : HRC28-32
  • Insert: YB9320/APKT11T308-APM
  • Tool diameter: Ø16mm
  • Cooling style: Air cooling
  • Machining style: cavity machining, layered milling 35*25*16 round corner R9
  • Cutting data: Vc=75m/min, f=0.3mm/z, ap=0.3mm, ae varies